Our Story

Behind the Invention of AIM

Inventeur, LLC was formed specifically to develop the Anesthesia Intra-Oral Module. This device was invented by a practicing anesthesiologist who witnessed, first-hand, the limitations and shortcomings of devices currently in use. AIM is a patent-protected, FDA-designated Class II, 510(k) device. 

The AIM device concept was one of the few devices selected and invited for a presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia (a global conference of anesthesia innovators) in Austin, Texas, in 2020.

The Inventeur team includes highly experienced anesthesiologists and business professionals with deep experience in biotechnology and technology commercialization.

The company has made significant progress in a short period. The device is currently under review by the FDA for clearance.

The company believes that anesthesia providers and non-operating room anesthesia (NORA) physicians will understand the value of a device that measurably improves patient monitoring, enhances patient safety, reduces hospital stays, and engenders patient satisfaction.

We are truly involved with our minds, bodies, and souls in this project.

Tariq Chaudhry, M.D.